• Sur quelles expressions votre site internet est il positionné sur Google ?

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  • Kelsociete devient Google Partner pour les campagnes Adwords

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  • Votre nom de domaine en .PARIS

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  • Les vignettes disparaissent des résultats de recherche GOOGLE.

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  • GOOGLE GLASS: connected objects, man's best friend

    Google did not stop surprising us: the American giant announced his partnership with the Italian group Luxottica (owner of the famous sunglasses Ray-Ban) to develop Google Glass, these famous interactive glasses.

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  • Seo and Google +

    The testimonies of référenceurs, community manager and enthusiasts of internet are more and more numerous to confirm that the fact of being active on Google + allows to optimize the referencing of a site on Google.

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Referencement Google : Agence référencement naturel site Internet E-réputation et Community Management

Issues of natural referencing Google


For a site kind of anonymity and included in the initial responses of research tools, solutions exist: referencement google via SEO or purchasing advertising links. Our SEO agency supports the actions needed to improve the positioning and / or provides training referencement providing participants with the theoretical resources and practical tools.


Referencement google optimize the SEO

The SEO work is to fill this google engine SEO actions performed using techniques well defined. The SEO is both an art and a strategic marketing to optimize a website with a good definition of keywords and matching of content and services offered to users.


If referencement Google remains one of the main levers to use in a strategy of global visibility, reputation digital or e-reputation, now plays a essential for anyone who wants to undertake a pro-active approach in building its brand online. Your unhappy customers, before, talking to ten people. Today, they share their experiences with ten thousand virtual friends.

Its internal competencies, Kelreferencement involved in all aspects of e-reputation: SEO, community management, eve online legal actions can anticipate negative reactions from users and to provide an appropriate response.

Community management

Social networks have changed the relationship to the Internet and led the participatory dimension of the web to another level. Forums and blogs, stars of the 2000s, have replaced social networks specifically designed to facilitate trade and integrate into traditional web, bringing a new dimension conversational.


Kelreferencement brings you a range of services dedicated to promoting your brand, your site, your products or services on social networks, blogs and forums. This policy of community management for improved efficiency and new synergies can also support Google SEO strategy.

GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE: Our agency on the first page of Google

Our SEO agency is on the first page for "referencement google", "natural referencing google", "google referencement internet."

Referencement Google: Grow your business through SEO on the internet!

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